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Sustainability contest for professionals in the packaging, food and plastics industries

PacTec, FoodTec & PlastExpo Nordic event’s Sustainability contest winner is Block Solutions Oy

Sustainability contest winner Block Solutions Oy is a Finland-based company who has developed environmentally friendly block-modules. The block-modules are used for building sustainable and safe homes for people all around the world, thus fostering local well-being.

Sustainability contest

The purpose of the contest is to find new products, services or production methods that promote sustainability and environment friendly thinking in the industry. The winner will be rewarded with a € 5,000 grant donated by the Finnish Fair Foundation.

Finalists 2020

Pramia Oy and subsidiary Pramia Plastic Oy

Block Solutions Oy

Jospak Oy

Pyroll Group Oy (stands 3a11, 3e55 at the event)

HKScan Finland Oy

What is the purpose of the sustainability contest?

Sustainability and the reuse of materials are hot topics in the packaging industry, and the theme is highlighted in the PacTec, FoodTec & PlastExpo Nordic events. The theme is also reflected in the sustainability contest common for all the events, as businesses and professionals in the industry are invited to participate to present products, services and production methods that promote sustainability and environmental-friendliness in the industry.

The contest is open for businesses in the industry and students that can present a new innovation or solution concerning the reuse of packaging sector materials. The innovation or solution does not need to be in production yet.


The jury will shortlist five participating companies and innovations for the final. The jury will emphasise the candidates’ commercial potential, novelty value, scalability, utilisation of sustainable materials and operating methods as well as the presentation. The final will take place in the PacTec, FoodTec & PlastExpo Nordic event on the programme stage on 11 March.


  • The Finnish Plastics Association, Vesa Taitto
  • The Finnish Packaging Association, Antro Säilä
  • Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation, Marleena Tanhuanpää
  • The Association of Finnish Technical Traders, Juha Ala-Hiiro
  • Motiva, Paula Eskola
  • Messukeskus, Marcus Bergström